DIGILITY Call for Speakers

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We are looking for inspiring people to share their insights on Digital Reality, e.g. Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality, 3D, CGI, Holography or Artificial Intelligence. If you know someone who belongs on the DIGILITY stage, or if you belong there yourself, we want to hear from you!

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Talk criteria

Submissions must be about your work in areas of xR, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, CGI or other 3D-technologies that refer to Digital Reality

Presenters need to clearly demonstrate:

  • A mix of both, technical and industrial applications of their work.
  • Actual or expected results/accomplishments using xR, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, CGI or other 3D-technologies that refer to Digital Reality.
  • Transferable learnings which will be useful for others.

The DIGILITY Program Committee will review, rate, and select submissions based on:

  • Technical details and relevance offered and insights to be learned. We favor examples of productive solutions.
  • Presenter credentials and expertise in the subject matter.
  • Presenter public speaking experience(s)/expertise.

Please consider also following special selection criteria for each technology


  • From inspiration to innovation: Current work that demonstrates measurable effects. Show impactful enterprise use cases of immersive technology.
  • Development & Design: Tools, Frameworks, SDKs, breath-taking hardware innovations.
  • Beyond xR: How is xR part of the emerging tech ecosystem like AI, IoT, etc.? Show existing synergies and productive use cases.
  • Research & Development: Outstanding academic research in combination with industrial backgrounds.
  • Best examples of disruptive business models leveraging xR.
  • Quo vadis? - Ethical and social impacts which should be considered.


  • How does your company deal with massive amounts of data using machine learning / AI technologies? 
  • Deeper insights into Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning or Design
  • Ethics, Governance, and Data Privacy: Man versus machine - What basics must we clarify before we transfer too much responsibility to machines?

3D/ CGI 

  • Which are the best practice examples and future CGI solutions from different fields of applications?
  • Show us outstanding research with new solutions in the field of other 3D-technologies from different fields of applications

Developer Conference

  • xR hardware:  Access for developers to frameworks, best practice code examples
  • Data preparation and visualization in xR (Data preparation pipeline): How do I achieve best results? Which tools are the best to use?
  • Deep learning: frameworks, hardware, cloud solutions, best practice examples
  • Developer Internals (Company specific promotion for developers): Recruitment processes and incentives
  • Developer associations or initiatives: How do developers best organize and exchange?


If your submission is focused on a service, technology, or a new product your company is offering/planning to launch, please contact us for information on sponsored session opportunities.


Call for Speakers closes: 28 FEB 2019

As soon as the Call for Speakers is closed, all submissions will be reviewed and we will get in contact with you!
If you have any questions until than please contact us

Learn more on what you are required to submit and what makes a successful speaker submission

Program Curators

Anett Gläsel-Maslov DIGILITY
Anett Gläsel-Maslov
Program Coordination & Communications
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Cindy Chin
Program Curator - Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
Matthias Langner DIGILITY
Matthias Langner
Program Curator - 3D/CGI
Stephan Otten DIGILITY
Stephan Otten
Program Curator - Developer Conference