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Andreea Raducan

Innoactive GmbH
Head of Partnerships and VR Training PM

Although people and tech are often seen as rivals, Andreea is passionate about both, and envisions to empower people through the help of technology. With this in mind, she started her career with Augmented Reality at Metaio in 2013, and continued as a Product Manager for VR Trainings at Innoactive. Within this role, Andreea accompanied large enterprises like Volkswagen and Audi in their journeys with VR Trainings, from use-case evaluation, to concept creation, roll-out and further life-cycle management. Currently Andreea’s mission as Head of Partnerships is to supply the VR Training ecosystem with software and competences aimed at scaling up the production, distribution and usage of VR Trainings in the Enterprise sector. The ultimate goal is for more people to get access to better, safer and more fun training conditions.