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Timor Kardum

Co-Founder and Director

While others at school were still playing catch in the schoolyard, Timor was already busy creating 3D animations for heavyweights in the industry, like Siemens. In 2001 he started his own company, later named OMSTUDIOS, which is now one of the leading Filmproduction, Motion Design and VFX Studios in Berlin. The company is proud to have some of the most recognised brands in the world as their clients such as Adidas, Audi or Volkswagen. Eventually, Hollywood came calling and Timor was on major film sets for The Fast and The Furious, The Monuments Men, and Hercules, before eventually directing films with multi-million Euro budgets.

Timor comes alive when talking technology, gadgets and VR and AR. He loves smooth error-free processes and modern workflows, constantly looking for leaner ways of getting things done, like designing the world’s first database connection to Adobe After Effects, for which he was awarded the prestigious “Shotgun Award 2015”. Never shy to break down

barriers and with an insatiable desire to share his knowledge, he is frequently hired in the industry for his expert IT knowledge and talent for streamlining entire systems and workflows.

As a digital pioneer, Timor naturally dove into the realms of virtual reality and quickly established himself as the go-to-guy, creating VR projects for the United Nations, Germany’s Next Top Model, Volkswagen, Arte and various others.

Over the past two years he has been sharing his knowledge and experience across Germany though unique XR (VR,MR,AR), AI talks and workshops.