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Marius Swoboda

Rolls-Royce Deutschland
Head of Physical, Computational and Design Sciences

With a diploma in Aerospace Engineering and a PhD in Transitional Shock-Boundary Layer Interactions, Marius is a lecturer in Compressible Aerodynamics and an appointed Honorary Professor at Technical University Berlin.

He has been with Rolls Royce since 2000, having held several positions, including leading the Aero Thermal Methods Group and managing Methods Developments.

Marius took over Design Systems Engineering in 2010 and since 2016 he is the Head of Physical, Computational and Design Sciences, leading the Visualisation Methods and Techniques.

His past and current research projects and interests (with more than 80 publications) include: Compressor Aerodynamics, Turbine Coolling and Heat Transfer, Active Flow Control, Compressible Transitional Flows, Methods Development (CFD/FEM), Process Automation and Integration, Design Optimisation, Visualisation of Analysis Results, Virtual Reality.