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Maria Courtial

Faber Courtial
Co-founder and CEO

Maria Courtial is co-founder of one of Germany’s leading VFX and VR studios, Faber Courtial, and producer of the 1st VR production for German TV. When starting business back in 1998, producing first-class content for high-profile TV documentaries and exhibitions led to the company’s actual passion: the production of high-quality VR films to create impressive digital realms, from bygone ages to stunning new worlds. Their outstanding VR productions are internationally renowned and have been awarded with the Grimme Online Award 2017 as well as the EMEA Lumiére Award 2017. Always ambitious to set high standards in storytelling and to implement the latest VR techniques, Faber Courtial is not only currently working on the thrilling “Next Step in Space VR” project for German broadcaster ZDF, but also in-house producing their very own VR film series.