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Michael Ludden

Chief Product Officer

Michael Ludden is Chief Product Officer for Banuba, one of the world's most technically impressive Computer Vision & Augmented Reality companies. As passionate about solving complex real-world problems as he is about Immersive Technologies (AR/VR) and Machine Learning (AI), Michael is also fascinated by all things futurist, and has been continuously involved in the creation of some of the most innovative new products and use cases that exist on the bleeding edge of emerging technology today.

As an expert communicator, adept at providing deep insights that are inspiring and accessible to broad audiences, Michael is frequently invited to speak on the global speaking circuit as a keynote speaker, thought leader and panelist. He has been invited to speak at most of the major tech conferences around the world, a great many prestigious symposiums, several international universities and has also keynoted private corporate workshops for several multi-national Fortune 500 companies looking to inspire their employees to think strategically, creatively and insightfully.

Michael's other career highlights include tenures as Google's Developer Marketing Manager Lead at Google Play (Android - Education focus), managing a fantastic team as Head of Developer Marketing at Samsung and being a founding member of the Developer Relations team at HTC.