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Dirk Songuer

Microsoft Deutschland GmbH
Head of Mixed Reality Studio Berlin

Dirk joined Microsoft in February 2017 to manage the new Microsoft Mixed Reality Studio in Berlin with the focus to help create world-class Mixed Reality experiences together with clients and partners. Microsoft believes that Mixed Reality is the next big step in how people experience the world and the MR studios want to help discover and ship new kinds of experiences in this field.

Previously, Dirk worked at Razorfish as Head of Technology, leading a team of dedicated architects, developers as well as the Emerging Experiences teams for clients like Audi, DHL, Tourism New Zealand and Dubai Tourism.

Dirk's background is information sciences and although he loves the world of pure data, he now specializes in “making the data flow and connect everything together”. He believes that the physical world is now on the verge of becoming digitally augmented where everything we touch in reality is noticed and tracked somewhere in the digital world – and he actually believes that this might be a good thing.