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Stefan Albertz

Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences
Professor for 3D Animation and Visual Effects

Stefan Albertz began his professional career with a diploma in media technology in cooperation with Fraunhofer Gesellschaft exploring the possibilities of interactive 3D. At the same time, a CG DVD Design - a product of teamwork with a co-producer - won several national awards and paved his way as a 3D Artist. He worked on the transformation of product photography to CAD based photorealistic visualization in 2005 continuing on commercials and film projects in the subsequent years.

At PICTORION Das Werk, he created and held stereoscopic 3D workshops for clients and was stereoscopic consultant for Wim Wender´s Oscar nominated movie “Pina”. In 2012, he entered the educational landscape of Baden-Württemberg as honorary professor at HfG Karlsruhe where he taught S3D and visual perception.

Starting in 2011, he worked as product manager for Rohde & Schwarz and supervised the postproduction section. Since 2013, Stefan Albertz is professor for 3D animation and visual effects at Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences. He is member of FKTG and SMPTE.