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Lizzy Berlin

Performance artist

At a time when NASA has practically confirmed the presence of life on faraway planets, LIZZY could easily be mistaken for an alien visitor from another galaxy. It comes as a shock to learn that the space cadet behind LIZZY is from Lower Saxony, but that's where Lizzy Scharnofske grew up, born into a family of musicians. Destined to follow in their musical footsteps, Lizzy focused on drumming (she has a Bachelor of Music from universities in Amsterdam and Paris), yet has repeatedly shown that she lives to the beat of her own drum. She resides in Berlin, playing as a prominent member of both the jazz and electronic scenes, proving just as adept as a groovy jazz drummer as she is within an entrancing electronic group.

LIZZY is not only an accomplished drummer, she is a vocalist, producer, composer and performance artist. She was awarded as a jazz artist several times and got different scholoarship to follow her projects all around the globe.