• TOPIC: Should be enticing and concisely tell attendees what your session is about.
  • DESCRIPTION: Max. 800 characters (approximately 150 words). Provide details on what your session is about including examples and actual or expected results/accomplishments that will help the Program Committee better understand the technical merits of your submission.
  • REASON WHY?: Max. 600 characters (approximately 110 words) What will you be bringing with you that the world hasn’t seen or heard, yet?
  • WHY YOU?: Max. 300 characters. Please summarise in one sentence why you want to go up on stage?
  • SPEAKER DETAILS: Speaker name, position, phone number, short (!) biography and video of the presenter (if there is a one). Please select also the focus areas at which your talk is mostly focusing on.
  • You can submit your COMPANY DETAILS (optional) and any SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION (optional) that supports your session proposal. Additional materials may include links to whitepapers, research & studies, images, demos, proof of concept, etc.

    How to provide a great session topic

    The topic causes the reader to read the first sentence of the session description. Express yourself clearly, show the reader what he's going to learn in your session and put a bit of tension on top of it. Then nothing should go wrong.

    The topic should:

    • Be USEFUL to the DIGILITY attendees.
    • Provide the reader with a sense of URGENCY.
    • Convey the idea that there is a UNIQUE benefit to attending your session.
    • Be SPECIFIC: What is the most important topic behind?

        How to Write a Great Session Description

        Your first sentence should describe what DIGILITY participants can expect from your presentation. Avoid information that is too marketing-rich and that the reader already knows. Subsequent phrases should include more details about what is being talked about and why the reader should be present. Generally, the shorter and more concise, the better.

        Recommendations how your description could start:

        • Learn how to…
        • Explore new techniques in…
        • Dive deep into the…
        • Join industry experts for a discussion on…