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1st DIGILITY Developer Conference: Meet your peers!

DIGILITY DIGILITY , Hackathon , AR , Hardware , Conference , future vision , VR

For the very first time at DIGILITY there will be a separate Developer Conference curated by none other than Stephan Otten, CEO of INCAS Training und Projects GmbH.

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"Virtuality also needs a place in reality. DIGILITY prepares a perfect stage for it."

AR/VR/MR , 3D/CGI Conference , VR , Design

DIGILITY 2018 also focuses on 3D and CGI methods and technologies this year. Therefore, we are happy to have Arndt von Königsmarck Let's hear what he has to say! Here is our next speaker interview: 


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"Europe Has A Huge Advantage in Human-Robot Interaction"

AR/VR/MR Conference , VR , Design

As part of our speaker interview series we are proud to present our next interview, with Omer Shapira. He is a Designer and Engineer at NVIDIA, working on immersive computing and robotics. Omer develops Human-Robot Interaction methods and tools for introspection of AI using Mixed Reality, and researches new input and feedback methods for Virtual Reality.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be at the core of DIGILITY 2019

AI , Machine learning

As technologies become more interconnected, and certainly not one can be singled out as the most important, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) play a significant role in a lot of recent technological developments. Industry leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers and tech visionaries worldwide are working on applying the principles of AI and ML to everyday life and industry needs. It’s therefore natural that AI and ML will be at the core of DIGILTY 2019, the European Keynote event exclusively designated to Digital Reality.

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Why DIGILITY? - The best reasons why to come to visit the capital for DIGITAL REALITY next week!

DIGILITY DIGILITY , Conference , Expo

DIGILITY 2018, the conference and expo on Digital Reality,  is coming up fast - September 26/27 in Cologne, Germany! Here’s why you shouldn’t miss this unique event.

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What is a digital twin and what does it mean for your business?

AR/VR/MR AR , Training , Research , Automotive , Design , Marketing , speaker 2018 , Service & Maintenance

One of the cutting-edge technologies that is bringing significant value to the enterprise is the Digital Twin. Much has been alluded to the concept, but this year, DIGILITY 2018 will offer its visitors the opportunity to learn how their own businesses can benefit.

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