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"Finding the Holy Grail": An Interview with John Peeters (Holiton)

AR/VR/MR AR , VR , eCommerce

John Peeters has over 20 years of experience as a commercial director for several Dutch retail companies such as Bruna, C1000 and SNS Bank.The rapidly changing (retail) environment sparked his decision to leave the traditional corporate career path and join London based creative digital agency Holition.

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"How to catch your customer": An Interview with Uwe Tüben (Valtech)

AR/VR/MR AR , VR , Retail , eCommerce

As Managing Director of the full-service digital agency Valtech Uwe Tüben holds the responsibility for the Business Unit Digital Business. Tüben joined Valtech in 2013 and has been Managing Director of Valtech GmbH together with Andreas Peters since 2014.

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"In love with good stories": An Interview with Philipp Steuer (Vire)

AR/VR/MR eCommerce , VR , AR

Philipp Steuer is in love with good stories, digital trends and new technologies. And because he hates bad ads, he founded his startup VIRE building the first native advertising plattform for VR & AR content.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be at the core of DIGILITY 2019

AI , Machine learning

As technologies become more interconnected, and certainly not one can be singled out as the most important, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) play a significant role in a lot of recent technological developments. Industry leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers and tech visionaries worldwide are working on applying the principles of AI and ML to everyday life and industry needs. It’s therefore natural that AI and ML will be at the core of DIGILTY 2019, the European Keynote event exclusively designated to Digital Reality.

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Why DIGILITY? - The best reasons why to come to visit the capital for DIGITAL REALITY next week!

DIGILITY DIGILITY , Conference , Expo

DIGILITY 2018, the conference and expo on Digital Reality,  is coming up fast - September 26/27 in Cologne, Germany! Here’s why you shouldn’t miss this unique event.

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What is a digital twin and what does it mean for your business?

AR/VR/MR AR , Training , Research , Automotive , Design , Marketing , speaker 2018 , Service & Maintenance

One of the cutting-edge technologies that is bringing significant value to the enterprise is the Digital Twin. Much has been alluded to the concept, but this year, DIGILITY 2018 will offer its visitors the opportunity to learn how their own businesses can benefit.

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