"Virtuality also needs a place in reality. DIGILITY prepares a perfect stage for it."

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DIGILITY 2018 also focuses on 3D and CGI methods and technologies this year. Therefore, we are happy to have Arndt von Königsmarck - one of the top experts on Cinema 4D  - on stage. For over 20 years, he has been publishing books and video trainings on Cinema 4D. As a Lead Instructor and a Certified Trainer Arndt is involved in providing location trainings, workshops and lectures. He is responsible for having developed the official curriculum for students and teachers and contents of various certified courses.

Let's hear what he has to say! Here is our next speaker interview: 

Hello Arndt! You work with 3D Modelling, specifically with Cinema 4D. Describe your journey to Digital Reality!

I started pretty early I guess, working with tools such as Strata Studio Pro, Electric Image and Amapi on my Amiga. After I switched to a Mac, I was looking for some new applications and found Cinema 4D - which became my prefered tool until today. It was love at first sight, last but not least also because of the young and motivated team behind MAXON, the producer of Cinema 4D.

3D modelling and imaging are the backbone of immersive AR/VR experiences. What are the most important aspects for a successful implementation?

While 3D modeling is important, most of it can be skipped by using scans and photogrammetry, especially if realism is needed for a presentation. 

What are the biggest challenges you face in your work? What technical developments do you dream about?

As I still do a lot of traditional renderings, everything that helps to bring down calculation times and keep the frame rate high enough for immersive presentations, is more than welcome. Especially with resolutions going up.

What do you think the next big “thing” will be in the 3D imaging world?

It’s hard to predict something, as the coming and going of hyped technologies such as 3D-Stereo in the Game industrie shows. I think that being able to skip polygons and use points or voxels instead would be something to look forward to. Imagine infinite details while approaching objects without having to fake with different texture resolutions. Early prototypes have been around already for some time now. About time for a breakthrough for this technology.

Why do you enjoy working with Cinema 4D technology?

I’ve been on board since version 5, when I wrote my first book about Cinema 4D. Since then I enjoyed the ease of use and stability it offers. There might be other, more specialized tools for special work cases, but for me Cinema 4D is the perfect swiss army knife of 3D.

We are very excited to hear what you have to say at DIGILITY 2018. What can we expect from your talk?

I always enjoyed writing, teaching and to motivate students to get into 3D. As a Lead Instructor for Cinema 4D I’m in close contact with various high schools and university to define their media courses while being a LinkedIn Trainer as well. I’m looking forward to present a bit of the most current Cinema 4D version and how it could help to improve your Designs and Visualizations.

Why would you recommend DIGILITY? 

Virtuality also needs a place in reality. DIGILITY prepares a perfect stage for it.

Thank you for taking your time for our interview, Arndt!


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