Problem solving over distances using smart glasses is as effective as face-to-face communication!

AR/VR/MR AR , Navigation , Training , Research , Service & Maintenance

The Institute of Psychology of the University of Greifswald in Germany published a scientific study on AR-glasses as digital assistance for learning on the job. Focus of the study was the experimental review of competence promotion as well as direct and unambiguous knowledge transfer across distances with smart glasses. The problem solving of a mounting issue during the construction of a pneumatic pump made of toy building blocks was simulated with 40 subjects.

In the experimental group, the fitter of the pump, wearing smart glasses and using the audiovisual communication solution XpertEye from AMA, was assisted by an expert sitting in a separate room during the construction of the pump. The expert had access to the field of view of the smart glass wearer, including voice and gestures, transmitted in real time via the camera of the smart glasses. On the other hand, the scientific control group was working with direct face-to-face support in the same room. The results show that, after a short training time, communicating with the XpertEye smart glass solution over separate rooms and thus over distances, is comparably effective in terms of quality and time expenditure, as the collaboration in the same room.

We are glad to see University of Greifswald confirming what many of our partners found out by using XpertEye in individual use cases before” stated Michael Nuernberg, Director AMA Germany. “XpertEye lets people communicate by a virtual shoulder view as if they were in the same room. Thanks to its intuitive controls XpertEye is the perfect tool for digital transformation in industry and healthcare: maintenance, support, training, emergency, rural healthcare, etc.”

“Overall, the findings provide grounds for believing that a common field of vision, as enabled by the XpertEye smart glasses solution, can enhance the learning interaction between an operator and a remote expert. This is a key advantage when using smart glasses, because the audio-visual communication based on an identical field of view in real time creates a common perspective on the most confusing problem situations (e.g. in a control cabinet or during a complex repair) and thus reduces the risk of errors, resulting, for example, from perspective divergences (e.g. right-left or top-down confusions). The option of displaying relevant information directly in the smart glasses during the running work process, further improves the quality of communication.” explained Professor Manfred Bornewasser from University of Greifswald”

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