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Bianca Jürgens
(Mercedes-Benz Cars)

An interview with Anett Gläsel-Maslov

Bianca Jürgens is a VR Solution Scout & Architect at the Virtual Reality Center for Mercedes-Benz Cars in Sindelfingen, Germany. She’s responsible for looking out for new technologies and solutions in the VR sector and subsequently for the integration of these technologies into the engineering process at Mercedes-Benz Cars. She started working for the Daimler Company at first in the Realtime Visualization field for engineering purposes. In July she will present VR methods in vehicle development at DIGILITY and therefore we asked her some questions about her work at Mercedes-Benz.


Bianca, you are working at the Virtual Reality Center at Mercedes-Benz in Sindelfingen, which is close to Stuttgart. The VR Center creates methods and techniques for VR scenarios for the entire vehicle development. What are the main challenges your team but mainly your engineers are facing today?

The Mercedes-Benz product variety has been steadily increasing in the past few years and it will not stop to grow! Shortening development cycles are faced by advancing complexity. To cope with these challenges, our engineers have the need for better technologies to help them get their work done. Efficiency, low cost and speed by keeping up or even raising the level of quality is in demand. Our challenge is therefore to have an up-to-date overview over all the available technologies and to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of every solution. At the same time we must have a very good knowledge of the needs of the engineers to provide them with the best means and the latest technology to get their job done.


AR and VR isn’t something new, which is just popping up right now. Even with all the hype around it, it could seem so. But for many decades automotive companies already invested in doing research and development around immersive technologies. From the business perspective, which trends in virtual and augmented reality are the most promising to you? What is Mercedes-Benz doing differently in comparison to other car manufacturers?

The Virtual Reality Center at Mercedes-Benz Cars was founded in 1999. Since that time we were using virtual technologies to improve the quality of our products. But even we feel the current hype. Right now, virtual reality is not only needed, it is demanded. We also see that Virtual Reality mi- grated from a specialist activity, performed by virtual reality specialists, to a tool that is ready to be used by everyone. With the current speed of the development cycles for new virtual reality technologies I anticipate that our engineers will soon be able to shift some of the desktop activity of day- today engineering into an immersive environment, where developing and improving of the vehicle is more intuitive and natural. I cannot speak for other car manufacturers, but the current attention for VR technologies helps us at Mercedes-Benz to even reach the domains, where the usage of virtual reality was not yet possible and therefore helps us to create even better cars.


And where do you see the main shift from being a gimicky and entertaining technology towards a valuable and an impactful, life-changing technology? And is the main goal really the autonomous car?

We find that this technology provides a huge toolbox for us with a wide variety of functionalities. We will have to learn how to use the given tools in the most efficient way. Even more important is the derivation of standards for stable processes and profitable methods from the gained experience. These standards will help us mastering the next steps in the increasing product variety – autonomous or not.


With whom of our other DIGILITY speakers could you imagine to go on the holodeck and which experience would you like to walk through with her/him?

As I went through the many speakers, who already confirmed to talk at DIGILITY 2017, I found that I have already been on the Holodeck with many of them. There are so many stunning experiences among their products! And I am of course very interested in the actions of the other car manufacturers. So my choice is Jens Angerer and the experience would be his favourite Audi-use-case.


In two sentences: WHY DIGILITY?

As already mentioned, I had the chance to get to know some of the speakers and their promising solutions. The selection of the speakers reflects the variety of experiences and acquaintances one can make by attending Digility 2017.


Thank you for taking your time to answer our questions, Bianca! We are looking forward to have you on stage. 

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