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University of Osnabrück

Head of Institute for Cognitive Science

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About Prof. Dr. Peter König
Peter König has an education in Physics (diploma) and in Medicine (approbation & doctorate). He worked for many years with Wolf Singer at the Max-Planck Institute in Frankfurt, Gerald Edelman at the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego, and Kevan Martin/Rodney Douglas at the Institute of Neuroinformatics ETH/University Zürich. Finally, his research took him to the University of Osnabrück, where he is holding a chair in Neurobiopsychology at the Institute of Cognitive Science. His research focuses on embodied cognition and the neurophysiological basis of cognitive functions. This includes specifically multimodal integration and sensorimotor interactions. His 160 publications gathered more than 16.000 citations leading to an h-index of 50. Peter König is guest lecturer at the University of Hamburg and corresponding member of the "Akademie der Wissenschaften in Hamburg". His research activities have bridged science and business by triggering two start-up companies: "WhiteMatter Labs GmbH" and "feelSpace GmbH".